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Blair Waldorf: My feminist role model

If your favorite TV show of all time is “Gossip Girl”, like myself, you must know Blair Waldorf. If you are confused and don’t know who she is, that’s fine, too. I will walk you through it.


Blair is the queen bee of the Upper East Side. Her character is known as manipulative and (sometimes) downright evil. But, hold on; she is one of my role models. Why?


Blair taught me to work hard for what I want. One of my favorite quotations from her is: “Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.”


What I love about Blair’s character the most is that she is not perfect. Of course, she comes from a rich family and has the most desirable boyfriend ever.


Unlike her best friend, the it-girl Serena Vanderwoodsen, Blair has insecurities about having to live under Serena’s shadow, struggling with bulimia, trying to be perfect and more. That’s the reason  she works hard to prove to people she is capable of anything.


She fails, but then she learns from it. She is not scared of going after what she wants, and she would do everything no matter what to achieve her goals.


At the end of the day, she became a successful woman and made her own name in the fashion industry. She refused to be known as Chuck Bass’s girlfriend before everybody knew who Blair actually was.


Blair also taught me to keep my head up and be proud of who I am. It might sound a little bit unrealistic, but Blair did change the way I see the world.


Although Blair is a little bit manipulative, she is still such a determined person. She is blunt and straightforward. She will tell you what she wants and how she feels, which is a great personality trait.


I used to be afraid of speaking up because I didn’t want to upset anyone. However, thanks to Blair, I’m not scared of standing up for myself anymore. If people ever try to rain on your parade and do something that makes you unhappy, confront them.


It is important to be honest with people about how you feel. They might think everything is O.K. until you confront them.


I’m not afraid of confrontation anymore. I will confront the person when needed and fight for what I believe in.


Blair is an independent and powerful woman. I aspired to be like her. Everything she achieves comes from her hard work.


She doesn’t stop for anything or anyone until she reaches her goal. Social norms have nothing on Blair. She doesn’t let anyone define who she is.


She does whatever she wants and knows her self-worth and what she deserves. She would not settle down for a man who doesn’t treat her well.


With or without a man, Blair is still Blair, and nothing stops her from what she wants to do.


There are many other traits of Blair that makes her such a role model for me. Plus, she has a great sense of style, which nobody can deny.


Other than that, Blair Waldorf has taught me everyday to be the person I want to be and work hard to pursue my dream.


I learned to put myself and love myself first before anything else. Nothing is going to get along my way until I succeed.


Thanks, Blair.


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