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‘Big 3’ enter big feud


By Nadia Paschal

Whether you’re the biggest fan of rap, into celebrity drama or have just checked any of your social media accounts this week, chances are you’ve heard about the feud going on between rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

With so many songs released in such a short amount of time, amping up the feud quickly, it may be hard to follow. Here’s a brief overview of what exactly went down between these rappers. 



Drake and Kendrick have fired shots at each other over the years, but this round started back in October 2023, when Drake dropped his album “For All the Dogs.” One of the tracks, “First Person Shooter” featured J. Cole, who claimed that he, Drake and Kendrick were the big three of rap, referencing their immense popularity and high number of listeners and fans.

The most recent chapter of this feud officially started in March 2024, when Kendrick was featured on a track in Future and Metro Boomin’s album. In the song “Like That,” he rapped that there was no big three, saying “it’s just big me.”


  1. Cole then released “Might Delete Later” on April 5. On the album’s 12th track, “7 Minute Drill,” he fired back and said Kendrick was past his prime and had “fallen off.” J. Cole followed through and actually did delete the song later, removing it from streaming services. 
  2. Cole also issued a public apology to Kendrick during a concert, officially removing himself from this feud, and saving himself from the mess that was going to unfold.

Drake did not follow suit, instead coming back and inserting himself into the feud, with the release of his single, “Push Ups.” In it, he not only disses Kendrick, but also The Weeknd, Rick Ross, Metro Boomin and Future, all of whom he’s previously had feuds with.

Drake wasn’t done yet, though. Later that same day, he released “Taylor Made Freestyle” on YouTube, criticizing Kendrick for collaborating with pop stars — specifically Taylor Swift. Drake later took the video down, because he did not have permission to use the AI-generated voice of Tupac Shakur which was featured on the song. 

Listening to this song honestly made me laugh, because if you have AI featured on half the track, you’ve already lost.

Kendrick dropped yet another diss titled “Euphoria” on April 30. This was obviously aimed at Drake, as the song shares the name of the HBO show that Drake serves as the executive producer on. Throughout this specific track, Kendrick hurls many insults at Drake, ranging from everything to calling him a “pathetic master manipulator,” saying he hates everything about him, criticizing his parenting dropping the powerful line “don’t tell no lie about me, and I won’t tell truths ‘bout you.” 

I knew it was going to get personal when Kendrick referred to Drake by his real name in the song.

Three days later, Kendrick dropped “6:16 in LA” continuing to pile hate on Drake, as the title mimicked one of Drake’s previous songs.

The feud still wasn’t over — in fact, it was only about to get more serious. Drake then released “Family Matters,” with his lyrics making claims that one of Kendrick’s children wasn’t actually his. Drake even went so far as to accuse Kendrick of domestic abuse.

This fired up Kendrick, leading to him releasing “Meet the Grahams” only 20 minutes after. With some of the most intense disses and lyrics I’ve ever heard, the song basically serves as a letter of sorts from Kendrick to not only Drake himself, but every member of his family. 

Kendrick apologizes to Drake’s son for having that man as his father and blamed Drake’s father for his addictions as well as calling him out for raising a “horrible fucking person.” Kendrick didn’t let up, and kept that same energy throughout the song, dropping the bomb that Drake had a secret daughter and calling him a “deadbeat.” 

Switching over and speaking directly to Drake now, Kendrick says Drake has lied about everything and accuses him of being a predator.

To finish him off, Kendrick dropped another song, “Not Like Us,” where he doubled down on his claims in his last song. It’s also worth noting that the cover for this single was a satellite image of Drake’s mansion, with pins dropped on it, alluding to the allegations that there are multiple other predators within his inner circle.

Finally, Drake came out with “The Heart Part 6,” which was a reference to a series of songs by Kendrick. This comeback was weak, as the revelations made about Drake were concerning and heavy. 

With very little energy, Drake dismissed everything Kendrick had said about him up until that point, claiming that he had fed Kendrick all of this false information on purpose, which is not the best excuse when you’re in that much hot water.



The multiple diss tracks have led to rampant online discussion as well as jokes. Social media users have taken jabs at Drake, as the numerous serious accusations made by Kendrick have tarnished his reputation and legacy within the rap community. 

Many have said, however, that Kendrick went too far with his diss tracks aimed at Drake, and that he has no proof to back up the claims he’s made. 

Not only have fans across the board picked sides in the feud, but other celebrities have joined in on the discourse as well, backing up one or the other. 

With Kendrick’s amazing lyricism and brilliant references, as well as all of the skeletons he dragged out of Drake’s closet, I have no choice but to be rooting for him in this battle if it continues. 

Kendrick has solidified his reputation and honed his craft over the years, to the point he earned a Pulitzer Prize for one of his albums. 

On the other hand, Drake’s behavior has only become more concerning, with most of it relating to having close relationships with both barely of age and underage girls.

Since the release of “The Heart Part 6,” neither artist has released another song. However, I still feel like this feud is far from over.


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