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Balancing school and work


By Victoria Campbell

Time management can be a huge struggle, but in college it is crucial to manage your time while wanting to do outside activities.  

Balancing school and the college experience can be difficult, whether that’s because of partying, schoolwork or a job. 

Pilar Balader, a SUNY Plattsburgh alum, had to learn how to balance school, activities, studying and working. Since starting college in 2019, she has found that sticking to a set routine is what works best for her.

“I find it very helpful to have a schedule that you follow religiously,” Balader said. 

A planned schedule is essential in order to have enough time to do things you want, such as maintaining friendships. 

Being in college, maintaining good grades and working can be difficult for some. Some students push themselves and take 18 to 21 credits a semester, which is great if that works while they are employed. 

“I have always worked during my time in college, and I have been taking exactly 15 credits each semester while working part time,” Balader said.  

While having a full-time schedule, Balader still had time for the gym and ensured never to miss a good party.  

“This is possible for me because of time management, but it might not work for everyone. It’s all about finding that balance,” Balader said. 

Working in college is not impossible, but depending on students’ time management skills, it may be difficult for some. While it can be challenging to maintain good grades and work, learning that balance helps students get ready for the real world. Balader said she recommends that if your schedule allows it, to work while you study.

Doing this helped Balader have a different perspective on life and helped manage her time. It is a learning experience. 

Working also allowed Balader to earn extra money while in school and feel more independent. When you have to ask for money from home, one’s independence is not at its full potential. 

Being in school full-time, having outside activities and working is not difficult if you know how to manage your time, according to Balader.

“There are 24 hours in a day, and if you can avoid scrolling pointlessly on your phone for hours on end, or if you try to make every minute count when you hang out with your friends,” Balader said. “Then that is plenty of time to go to school, work, and do the activities you like.”  

College is designed to set students up for success, and working while in school can help students get closer to their end goals with all the benefits it provides.  

“It has given me a sense of responsibility and has helped me hold myself accountable,” Balader said. 

Working while in college also provides experience regardless of whether it is beneficial to your major and helps build relationships you otherwise might not have.

“Whether on campus or an internship outside the school, making connections is one of the most valuable assets in life,” Balader said. 

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