Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Ask an Athlete: Mya Smith

By Collin Bolebruch



Question: What has been the strongest connection you’ve made because of Plattsburgh basketball?

Answer: The strongest connection I’ve made would be with some of my teammates. Sharing common interests with sports and lifestyles helped that connection. I’m still friends with people who were on the team and have graduated and I’m friends with people on the team now. Spending a lot of time with each other for practice, away trips, meals, etc., I’ve had the opportunity to really get to know my teammates and appreciate our similarities and differences.



Q: What’s your favorite spot to shoot from on the floor? How do you get there?

A: The right wing for the three is my favorite spot to shoot from on the floor. Either getting a good screen and pass from my teammates or taking a dribble and a step back is how I can get that shot. 



Q: How did you decide to stay for a graduate season? Are you happy with that choice?”

A:  I decided to stay for a graduate season because my four years of eligibility was cut short because of the pandemic. I felt that I had more to give and that there was unfinished business as a basketball player at Plattsburgh. Plattsburgh feels like a home away from home because of the people here that I’ve grown close to. I also have a lot of support from faculty and staff from the athletics department. I am happy with the choice I made because I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t use this extra year. This season has been one to remember because of all the talent and progress that has been made. 



Q: How do you anticipate your college hoops experience will follow you in life? 

A: Playing at the collegiate level has taught me many things. My college hoops experience has taught me how to be a leader, determined, dedicated, committed, and how to be part of a team with many different people. This will carry into my life forever. It’s been a great experience to have to improve my mental and emotional growth.

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