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Ask an Athlete: Julia Golino

Julia Golino warms up her swing at the home game against Canton April 2. 


By Collin Bolebruch

Last offseason, Julia Golino’s five Plattsburgh State softball classmates all decided to forgo a graduate season to move on from their softball playing careers. At a crossroads, Julia decided to stay. Now, she’s the oldest and perhaps the most important player on the team.

Julia has been a contributor since her first season, 2021, the same year current Head Coach Sam Van Dorn was promoted to the position. Julia has worked hard to hone her craft over the years, and has been rewarded with positioning as the team’s starting pitcher and third batter. This season, Julia hopes to do what she and her classmates worked so hard for: success in the playoffs.


This question and answer was conducted with Julia over text April 3.


Question: What’s your favorite pitch to throw and why?

Answer: My favorite pitch to throw is a curveball. It’s the pitch I rely on the most because it tails toward the outside of the plate on a righty batter. It’s a fun pitch to throw because I am able to change its direction based on the way I release it. I throw it at knee level, eye level and shoe level. 


By Collin Bolebruch

Julia Golino anticipating a sprint to third base at Cardinal Park April 2.


Q: How have you handled responsibility this season?

A: I have embraced my leadership role for about 2-3 years now on the team. Trust is a huge characteristic to have when being on a team. It’s a team motto we instill within every player because we play a sport where we have to work together as a unit to succeed. We need to trust our teammates to make a play, produce a hit or cheer for one another. I have handled the responsibility of being trustworthy by being a line of communication for my coaches and my teammates, making new players aware of routines we use daily, and by being a mentor on and off the field. It’s always entertaining to hear the new comments they come up with!


By Collin Bolebruch

Julia Golino celebrates with Head Coach Sam Van Dorn rounding third base after her first home run of the season against Canton April 2. 


Q: Has there been a moment where you’ve felt genuinely dated by your freshman?

A: Coming into this year, I was given the nickname Grandma because I am a Graduate Student playing my 5th season at Plattsburgh. My teammates like to use this nickname as an advantage when I feel any sense of soreness or pain after a game or practice! They refer to it as being old because I am 4 years older than some of them! We joke about how I need a life alert button. When I get really excited about something during a game or practice they tell me to “be careful grandma!” At the start of every year we have to relearn and go over rules and routines. With that being said, when I get my years mixed up, my underclassmen say it’s because I have been here for so long! 



By Collin Bolebruch

Julia Golino in the pitcher’s circle against Canton on April 2.


Q: What’s your favorite series you’ve played at Plattsburgh?

A: My favorite series I’ve played here at Plattsburgh has to be our matchup against Cortland last season in 2023. Cortland has always been our rival and that day, we showed up to play with a drive I had never seen before. We carried our energy from the locker room all to the way to the last inning of the second game. We took advantage during times when they were down by having that timely hit or timely play. We had a two run home run in the first inning of the first game to set the tone for the rest of the day. We then won both games on a walk off single. Those games are the reason I love to play this sport everyday and will definitely go down as one of our best performances. 


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