Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Ask an athlete: Ikechukwu Ezike


By Collin Bolebruch

Question: What’s the importance of being good friends with your teammates? Does it make winning easier?


Answer: I know that having a good connection with your teammates is extremely important when it comes to sports. Chemistry is what will get you over the hill or leave you stuck. Makes things a lot easier. As an athlete there are a lot of emotions going through you as you play and to know that your teammates and coach are with you on that journey is a blessing not many people can say they had. S/o to my Team and coaches.



Q:  It’s the final round of a dunk contest. What are you pulling out?


A: Good god hahaha, ah I think I’m gonna put in a back scratcher windmill. I feel like it’s something not a lot of people have seen and is sure to get me the W.


Q: You can pick any two players in the world to be teammates for a 3v3 tournament. Who are you taking?


A: I’m taking Coach Travis Rice and the one and only COACH MIKE BLAINE.



Q: Are there any pros you watch tape of? Is there anyone you try and play like?


A: I feel like as a player there is something I can learn from every pro. They’re somewhere I’m striving to be at. I watch Ant Edward tho for inside out play, having pace when you play, and just the mindset. And Ant can shoot very well too so definitely havin the tools to get you out a tight corner lol.


Q: What’s the ultimate goal you’ve set for yourself before you hang it up? 


A: My ultimate goal and I have a couple but I don’t want to tell the world they might try to ruin them. One I can give is to fly my mom and sisters out so they can watch their Son/ Lil big brother play basketball professionally. I haven’t been playing basketball for that long but I feel like they deserve the world from me and that’s the least I can do. S/o to them, my second fathers, the guyz back home, and mentors. I’m doing just fine.


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