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Ask an Athlete: Caitlin Nash

Caitlin Nash puts a shot on goal against Russell Sage in the team’s season opener Feb. 27.


By Collin Bolebruch

Caitlin Nash came to Plattsburgh to play midfielder for women’s lacrosse — but she’s more than an athlete. Originally from Patchogue, New York, Caitlin has become a face all Plattsburgh athletes recognize, whether they realize it or not. 


Caitlin, a nursing major, works with Jason Pachter and the rest of the athletic training crew during practice and on game days to ensure every Cardinal is 100%. She can be spotted on the sidelines of the Field House or on the bench at the Ronnie B when she’s not in-season.


Caitlin also serves as secretary of Plattsburgh’s chapter of Morgan’s Message — an organization aimed at supporting mental health causes across sports. She has helped to organize Morgan’s Message dedication teams across the department. Teams like women’s soccer and hockey have repped the teal butterfly during the game.


This question and answer was conducted with Caitlin over text March 6.


By Collin Bolebruch

Caitlin Nash sits in a half time huddle on the Field House field.


Question: What has been your most rewarding experience being a part of Morgan’s Message?


Answer: My most rewarding experience has been seeing the impact that we have made on campus, from people showing up to our dedication games to walking around campus and seeing people wearing Morgan’s Message bracelets. It’s really awesome being able to make that sort of an impact in such a short amount of time.


By Collin Bolebruch

Caitlin Nash has totaled three points so far this season with two goals and one assist.


Q: Has being with the athletic training staff given you a unique perspective on college sports and/or student athletes?


A: Being a part of the athletic training staff has been awesome. I get to see a little bit of what goes into each team’s practice and games, and it gives me a cool view on how different sports train and prepare to compete.


Caitlin Nash at the home track meet Feb. 7. She served on the athletic training staff for the event.


Q: If you could make any rule change to women’s lacrosse, what would it be?


A: If I could make any rule change, I would get rid of the green card. It stops the play way too much, and the refs won’t give a warning before immediately issuing one.


Q: What’s the nastiest injury you’ve gotten in lacrosse?


A: My nastiest injury had to be my concussion. I was cutting and I looked away for a second, when my teammate passed me the ball. She ended up getting me right above my eye and I couldn’t see very well for a few days.

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