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Ask An Athlete: Anthony Faber

Anthony Faber on the lacrosse field in a game against Russell Sage on March 1.



By Collin Bolebruch

Anthony Faber, a senior, plays attack for the Plattsburgh Cardinals men’s lacrosse team. He’s on a mission this season.

Through just nine games, Anthony has tallied six goals on 22 shots — those would be career-high marks if the season ended today. His team has gotten the message. The Cards have doubled last season’s win total with four on the year so far.

The squad has undergone massive change since Anthony’s first year. Head Coach Darry Thornton was hired before last season, and he’s worked hard to establish a team culture. The experience has pulled the guys closer together, and Anthony is thriving.

This question and answer was conducted with Anthony over text March 26.


By Collin Bolebruch

Anthony Faber runs over to celebrate with his teammates after a goal at the Field House March 1.


Question: From your perspective, how impactful was a coaching change on the dynamic of the team?


Answer: In my opinion, the change in coaching only brought us closer as a group. Going through a coaching change in sports at any level is always difficult for a team to manage. However, we were fortunate enough to have a senior class last year whose main focus was to bring the team together and battle through the adversity that was getting thrown at us. Although our record might not have shown it, the culture of Plattsburgh lacrosse has not changed. 


By Collin Bolebruch

Faber eyeing up the action down the field at the Field House on March 1.


Q: If you could pitch anything to Shark Tank what would it be?


A: My shark tank pitch would be “The Sock Chip”. One of the biggest problems that I face on a day to day basis is losing socks when I do laundry. The sock chip would have a microchip that would allow you track your lost socks with an app on your phone. I would be seeking 100k for a 5% stake of my company.


By Collin Bolebruch

Anthony Faber jumping for joy with teammate Tim Keenan on March 1.


Q: What’s your least favorite practice drill and why?


A: My least favorite drill at practice has to be flying rats. Flying rats is a 3 on 2 advantage drill for the offense where they have to complete a certain amount of passes, decided by Coach Thornton, in the women’s lacrosse crease. This drill is my least favorite because there’s no way the offense can score goals. In reality though, all the drills are my favorite because I’m given the opportunity to play the sport I love with my best friends for 2 hours everyday. 


By Collin Bolebruch

Anthony Faber touches earth trying to lose a member of Russell Sage’s lacrosse team March 1.


Q: 4. If you woke up in a Freaky Friday situation with any other Plattsburgh State athlete, who would be the most fun to swap with?


A: If I had to swap places with any other athlete, it would have to be Kyle Ruland. Kyle is one of our defensemen and I think it would be most fun to switch with Kyle because he has the opportunity to not only lock kids down on defense, but also push the ball in transition and score goals for us on offense. I also have always thought I would be a nasty pole.

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