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Art helps healing and processing feelings

Art student Abraham Nunez in the Nina Winkel Sculpture Court


By Victoria Campbell

Expression and an outlet are why some people do art. It allows people to express emotions without speaking.

Art can have several benefits, two examples being it can help one’s mental health and relieve stress. 

There are several ways different types of art can be used when related to mental health, including dance, music, photography and drawing. Recognizing and figuring out ways to help your mental health is essential and for the most part it is free.

Mars Moore, a sophomore at SUNY Plattsburgh, has used art in several ways, such as making and selling jewelry.

“Art can be considered a type of therapy or outlet when someone needs to vent,” Moore said. “I think it’s an excellent tool for mental health.”

Therapy art is still a new concept, beginning in the 20th century. Painting, drawing and coloring allow patients to feel free, express emotions and voice their opinions in an artistic sense.

“Art can help one’s mental health and heal, but it needs to be guided sessions with a therapist,” Moore said. “Specifically about certain issues the person is having, which I believe would help heal.”

Art can help in several ways. Moore found that help through painting and poetry.

“It helps express feelings I cannot fully express out loud,” Moore said. 

Creating art helps us convey how people think and feel about something. Whether it’s lines, shapes or colors, it makes meaning for the artist.

Being in college can become overwhelming, and Moore uses three artistic mediums to release stress: music, writing and photography.

Art therapy is beneficial in several aspects. It can help with depression, anxiety, memory loss and dealing with serious illnesses, according to Sage Neuroscience Center.

“I recommend art therapy 100%, even if that person doesn’t think they are good at art, the art they make only matters to them, so opportunities for healing are always there,” Moore said. 

For people who struggle with anxiety or depression, art can be an excellent way to help heal and allow them to show emotion through their art rather than physically having to talk about it.

Talking through emotions can be extremely difficult, especially for those who already struggle with social anxiety.

Art allows people to go at their own pace and open up when comfortable.

Moore said that art can benefit the community as well.

“I think it brings people together and should be used in more mental health practices,” Moore said.

The benefits of art therapy on physical and mental health allow people to manage their emotions, self-worth and awareness, according to the website of Michigan State University.

There are so many different kinds of art, whether it is an activity, dancing, athletics or any other outlet that allows you to express yourself, and I know it has helped me. While I’m not artistic in the sense of coloring and drawing, doing yoga is an art that allows me to relieve stress. 

Art brings happiness to our community and can significantly help one going through a tough time such as Moore who uses art to release stress. We should welcome the benefits and bring it more into healing, bringing happiness to people in need.


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