Tuesday, July 23, 2024

April 1 Horoscopes

By Jessica Johnson

Aries – Reconnect with the divine, and do not lose faith in the process. Healing takes time; do not allow yourself to become disconnected. Trust that a difficult past is behind you. 


Taurus – You may be fearing change, taking risks, and the unknown. You are being challenged to step outside of your mind, come up with a course of action, and move forward with the support of the universe. 


Gemini – Was there disappointment in a recent relationship? Do not blame yourself, or that you may not be “perfect” enough. Practice forgiveness and adjust expectations of yourself. Watch out for hasty emotional decisions. 


Cancer – Reconnect to your inner child. Spend time with old friends and family, and become present in the moment, tapping into youthful joy and creating harmony within yourself. Also consider taking home a new partner to meet the family. 


Leo – You are evolving as you grow, but release what is no longer serving a purpose in that rebirth. Whatever is leaving, something better is being sent from the universe to fill that space. Let go of old behaviors. 


Virgo- Take a moment to look at the actions that led you here, but do not fret; resilience is bliss. The worst has passed and you are very close to reaching your goals. Wrap up a long term endeavor, and finish strong, trusting spiritual support. 


Libra – Logic over emotion is your best asset, so remain objective. Act with integrity, as disputes are moving toward resolution. You are finding balance within yourself, fulfilling karmic contracts. 


Scorpio – You may soon face a choice between two relationships, which may cause imbalance, and further push you to neglect responsibilities. Drive that energy toward financial aspects, and maximize money while avoiding burn out. Find balance. 


Sagittarius – Confront self – destructive thoughts and behaviors, as you may be trapped in a toxic relationship. Release yourself from any bonds that are causing toxicity, and stop self-sabotaging. The negative after effects are not worth it.  


Capricorn – Affirm the stability around you, and remember the universe will always provide anything needed. Do not just focus on financial aspects, as giving to others brings prosperity in your life. It’s okay to wait in a relationship to make investments: don’t be hasty. Plan carefully. 


Aquarius – The feeling of lack and loss will be filled by the comfort of the universe in more ways than one. Dispel the fears you’ve experienced of falling back into hardship. Remember your worth. 


Pisces – Step into your power, and allow new opportunities, as they are protected. Own it, and you will see the dynamics in romantic relationships shift. Work on self-esteem and self-worth. Focus on manifesting dreams into a reality.

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