Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Ameen appreciates avenues for art


By Cinara Marquis


Plattsburgh State Art Museum hosted a tote bag painting event to introduce students to the Art Department and embrace their creativity Thursday, Sept. 28. Surrounded by art, the students were inspired to create unique pieces on their bags with the many colors and supplies available.

Adeeba Ameen, a first-year international student, made a tote bag for her friend in Pakistan. 

“It’s a sign of sisterhood,” Ameen said, sketching out her friends’ favorite thing, books with illustrated flowers blooming from them.

Ameen showcased the love for her friend and her new environment as she adapts to SUNY Plattsburgh’s many events and diverse surroundings.  Ameen can always find an activity or space to express her creative side, wind down and have fun.

“After coming to SUNY Plattsburgh it’s helped me to experience more and learn more about myself,” Ameen said.  

Ameen explained that the college allows her to experience more recreational activities and explore her creativity through different outlets.

“I feel like I can add color to my life and it makes me feel more beautiful. It’s a way to explore my hidden talents – I color my own imaginations,” Ameen said.

Ameen loves how events like these help her to relieve stress and meet new people, especially art events. 

“I love paint,” Ameen said. “Every week there is a tote bag, or T-shirt, or paint-and-sip event.”

Being an international student comes with its own level of anxieties and alienation. However, Ameen combats these feelings by attending multiple events and gatherings, using these occasions as motivation to step out of her comfort zone and experience new activities, cultures and sports. 

“Whether it’s art, bingo, or food it’s always a full bundle of joy,” Ameen said. 

For more information on weekly activities hosted on campus, check out Cardinal Link at https://campusgroups.plattsburgh.edu/home_login

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