Saturday, June 22, 2024

Allowing room to grow, prosper, change

Most college students desperately want to make a change in the world after they graduate, but some believe fame is needed in order to have their dreams accomplished.

Some people think they need an extraordinary life with expensive belongings and hundreds of thousands of social media followers in order to have their voices heard and goals fulfilled. It’s safe to say that most people have dreamed about becoming rich and famous and never worrying about electricity bills, grocery shopping or college loans ever again. Being able to focus on what you care about the most and put all your efforts into that one project until the world is a better place than before.

Yes, that sounds wonderful but unrealistic.

Chances are most people won’t hit the jackpot and become internationally known by the time they’re 30, so maybe don’t rely on your next hilarious Instagram video going viral to get you where you want to be.

However, no life is more significant or worthy of attention than another. Being “average” doesn’t mean the doors are shut to new opportunities. In fact, it leaves room to grow and learn how to reach goals in an effective way. Just because someone doesn’t have the platform to instantly spread thoughts to a large population of people, doesn’t mean they should be discouraged. It just means be patient.

Just because someone is rich or famous doesn’t mean they will be listened to. You have to make them listen to you by being different and bringing something new to the table.

College is an extremely important time to push yourself and your limits. Join clubs and organizations that interest you and you will leave with something meaningful. Go to meetings and meet people with similar interests to push each other to do more. Find out what subject gives you the most excitement and work toward getting better at that subject all year.

After graduation, or even now, if you have a brilliant idea that is going to revolutionize the way people live, someone will be interested. It may take a while for that certain person to step forward, but it will happen eventually. Acknowledgment isn’t always immediate, but if an idea is given enough time, effort and care, something great will come from it.

Fame and riches doesn’t equate to happiness, meaning or fulfillment. In order to make a change, one must start small and consistently work hard. Life is great because of the struggles and flaws. Life is meant to be a maze of confusion and doubt, so if it’s not figured out by your mid-20s, don’t worry too much. Good things are to come with patience and perseverance.

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