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All women film tour hits PSUC campus

It’s a documentary film about women, for women and by a woman. The film “Pretty Faces” comes to Plattsburgh State tonight. The film will be screened in the Krinovitz Recital Hall in Hawkins at 7:30 p.m. It showcases the possibilities that stem from “broken boundaries, captured dreams and cultivated friendships.”

“Pretty Faces” was created by Lynsey Dyer, a professional big mountain skier and co-founder of SheJumps, an organization dedicated to increasing female participation in outdoor activities.

The film is intended to provide women with inspiration. The women of “Pretty Faces” aim to celebrate authentic grace, real beauty, laughing at oneself and genuine comradeship to rein in the new paradigm for success, according to their Facebook page.

Jourdan Pignatelli, a former Plattsburgh State student and one of the founding members of Platty Slack, reached out to the production company for a screening. She initiated the planning about a year ago while she was still a student at PSUC.

“Women in the ski and snowboard industry are tremendously under-recognized,” Pignatelli said. The film is an all-female documentary that has been produced to showcase women in the industry.

Student Association clubs Platty Slack, Biketopia and the Outing Club are hosting the event. Former PSUC student and current PSUC Communications Coordinator Matt McDonald is responsible for providing the audience with giveaways and raffle items from local sponsors Maui North and Viking Ski Shop. There will also be free pizza available to those who attend.

Marketing major Stephen Larson is in charge of planning the event.

“The purpose of the film is to empower women. To motivate them to be active in the outdoors in an industry that has largely been controlled by males,” he said.

Larson said the tour raises awareness about women in outdoor industries. The documentary aims to spread the ideology attached with the film.

There is more to what is behind the title of the film. “‘Pretty Faces’ is meant to describe the fact that these women aren’t just pretty faces. They’re women that break boundaries,” Larson said.

Pignatelli is seeing this film for the first time at the premiere. She has been waiting for a year and said she is “so excited.”

“I am looking forward to seeing everyone inspired. Hopefully this will unite athletic females also to start building a stronger female athlete community.”

McDonald said he is expecting a full house because of the uniqueness of the film.

“In the preview Lynsey Dyer does a great job of identifying with women outdoor enthusiasts. I think she attacks it really well,” he said.

Larson is not expecting anything less than that as well.

“My desire is to have this film be something that inspires the women on our campus as we go into the winter season. I’m excited to see the reaction of everyone with all these amazing women and all that they do,” he said.

Although the film primarily focuses on women, men are strongly encouraged to go see the film too.

“These are professional athletes doing remarkable tricks,” Pignatelli said. Anybody that does any outdoor activities should see the film.”

McDonald said it will be a fun environment with fun people who are attending.

“This will increase the sense of the vibrant outdoor community here by watching an awesome movie,” McDonald said.
Larson agreed.

“People can expect a high-energy atmosphere of everyone that loves the outdoors. They can expect the free pizza, raffles and giveaways. They can walk away from this with a broadened perspective.”

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