Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Adele releases anticipated album

By Carly Newton

Adele’s new album “30” has exceeded all expectations. 

Music fans got their first taste of her new album when “Easy On Me” was released Oct. 15. Even with the massive expectations for this single, Adele did not disappoint — “Easy On Me” was an immediate hit.

With new Adele music, everything felt right in the world again.

It had been six years since fans got to hear a new Adele album. In that time, she had been creating some of her best music yet. Her new album “30” is more melancholy and honest than any of her previous work, but that is why it is so great. 

Since the release of the highly anticipated “30” Nov. 19, it has seen major success in both the U.S. and U.K. by becoming the fastest selling album of 2021. This is no real surprise to anyone who has listened to “30.”

Adele is no stranger to success. Her past three albums have all seen varying degrees of it. Adele’s last album “25” sold over 22 million copies worldwide, while “30” has the potential to do even better than that. Despite “25” being a great album, “30” is a step above it.

This is a new and improved Adele that any music fan can enjoy listening to.

With each album, Adele’s music keeps evolving and maturing, which has continued to broaden the audience that listens to her.

Not many artists in today’s age can encapsulate their feelings into their music quite like Adele. Not only are the songs on “30” easily relatable for many people, they are also catchy with good instrumentals. The lyrics are well-written and the vocals are out of this world on every track. 

However, it is obvious that this album was written with the influence of painful heartbreak. If someone is going through a break-up, this is the album to listen to. But, everyone can find something to enjoy about “30.” 

The first song on the album, “Strangers By Nature,” ignites a nostalgic and calming feeling for any listeners. The song “My Little Love” has such raw and powerful emotion that is made hauntingly beautiful by conversations Adele is having in the background of the music. 

“To Be Loved” is the best song on “30.” With just Adele’s voice and the occasional piano key, what could be better? The ache in her voice is so profound and memorable. This track will need to be replayed multiple times to fully appreciate it.

While most of the songs on “30” tend to be slower and sorrowful, “Can I get it?” and “Oh My God” are both nice changes of pace with their upbeat instrumentals.

“Love Is A Game” wraps up the album perfectly with old-timey sounds and vocals — like the song you hear at the end of a classic film.

It might be early to say, but “30” may win a Grammy.

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