Sunday, January 24, 2021

ACC project promises improvements for students

Despite all the construction that Plattsburgh State is ongoing, there is a new project in the works. The information desk, located right next to the Center for Student Involvement, will be moved and replaced with a student lounge equipped with charging stations and welcoming vibes. Assistant Director of Campus Activities Jacob Avery said how this idea for ACC was thought of while he was still an undergraduate student, majoring in political science, here in PSUC.

“They have been talking about this for some time,” Avery said, “a couple years before I was here, two weeks ago we were given the go ahead to design it and build it. They always take some time to picture plan these things.”

Avery is confident that when the construction is complete the new lounge area will be the new popular area of the entire building.

“I think this will definitely help the students out,” Avery said, “ it will also help our aesthetics in this building specifically. My thought is that this is going to turn into the crown piece of the Angell College Center potentially, a lounge area instead of these big desk areas. The information desk has served us well for the last 10 years, I feel it has served its purpose.”

Even though Avery is confident in the project, he could still be subject to negative responses from PSUC students.

“Change is change,” Avery said. “Some people are going to see change negatively and some are going to see it positively, as long as there is thought behind it. In two to three years, people are going to forget this was a desk area. Alumni, like myself, will come back and see the change.”

PSUC students are showing great anticipation for the upcoming lounge area in ACC, even the information desk staff themselves.

“I think it would be really cool to have a lounge with charging stations,” said Danielle Abrahams, information desk staff member.“It will be nice to be able to have a place to sit in ACC.”

Freshman students, who have only been here for about three months, do not show the same excitement as upperclassmen. However, the charging station aspect of this idea strikes anticipation into their hearts as they wait to see the outcome of this project.

“I haven’t seen the information desk for long, but it would be nice to have a place to charge my phone and not have to go back to my room.” said first-year student Johnathan Jimenez.
While construction has not begun yet, Avery’s mission is to please the student body with a refreshing change to ACC that he hopes will bring joy to the entire student bod
“I don’t necessarily like change but change is good, for the most part.”

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