Thursday, April 18, 2024

Virgos show true colors this fall

By Abigail Azadian

Naturally, Leo suns are the attention seekers of the zodiac, but all eyes are on you this season, Virgos. Throughout the season, this time at least, all Virgo suns shouldn’t try and transform their lives every two weeks. The latest workout routine or miracle diet won’t cure your perfectionism — your true fatal flaw. This might be a shock to brutal egos, but having a superiority complex doesn’t make anyone look competent — it makes Virgos seem arrogant. This zodiac is quick to give everyone unsolicited advice, but solemnly never take their own. Another challenge: stop fixing everyone’s problems, as our own troubles should be enough for us. A lover’s problems are not necessarily our problems to fix, and on the flip side, Virgos love to mold them into becoming their own issues. Virgo’s savior complex, plus a superiority complex, is a recipe for godly outcomes.

However, Virgos are no miracle workers.

Trying to be god-like creates a dangerous routine for a Virgo, although one may think routine is the key to success. One cannot go through life saving people, despite how kind we may think it makes us, and how the World may reward us in return. Kindness is not being a doormat for people; kindness is being considerate. And Virgos, are simply not considerate of another person’s point of view. Also, stop telling us Beyonce is a Virgo — we know, and that doesn’t mean you Virgo, are Beyonce.

Virgo moons: your anger is calculated and intimidating even though you appear shy at first. Once a Virgo is fed up, there’s no holding back. This wouldn’t be an issue though, if Virgos didn’t bottle up their feelings in the first place. Now that is one useful solution for you Virgo! You naturally possess a sharp ability to cut people with words. A Virgo’s tongue can be too quick at explosive times, and may evidently end up regretting how things were said, but never the substance behind the words. Calculated anger can be productive if Virgos knew how to keep a handle on their emotions.


Yes, Virgo moons, they exist even when you pretend they aren’t there. Ironically, in Virgo’s attempts to be realistic, a Virgo moon may write off others feelings, which only makes them seem pessimistic in return. You don’t have to be cold to be practical.

Virgo moons find validation in helping people because they value usefulness. Naturally, and stupidly, this zodiac tends to gravitate towards chaotic people. Virgo moons’ innate need to bring order to their surroundings drives themselves, and others around them, crazy. Oh Virgo moons, wouldn’t it be useful if you could simply stop trying to control things out of your control?

By the way, everyone can see your eyerolls in class — you’re not subtle.

Stop believing any Virgos can hide their emotions. They’re obvious to the rest of us.

All of this also applies to Virgo risings! Plus, these Virgos have a lot of stomach and digestive problems. Being ruled by Mercury, Virgo risings are versatile, yet, fixed on certain ideas at the same time. Virgo risings are quiet at first, but won’t stay quiet regarding an opinion they may oppose, even when people are losing interest. Virgo risings are the type of people who have one conversation with you, and then will spend the next hour profiling you to determine if you’re worthy of another conversation. As always, if Virgos think it’s important to talk about it, then there is a clear projection of priorities on to everyone. People surrounding Virgos shouldn’t be subjective to endless attempts of finding existential meaning. Virgos are meticulous and obsessive, so they often don’t put an idea down until they have analyzed each and every aspect of it. A Virgo may get so lost in theory, one doesn’t take into account other’s behavior around them. Virgo risings’ imagination runs wild with so many visions of perfecting life for future endeavors, they don’t pay attention to the current world around them.

Virgo risings are always looking for meaning behind everything —  it’s really not that deep.


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