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46 Letters

My boyfriend and I have been dating a year.

From the moment we met, we were pretty much inseparable. It started out like any other two people getting to know each other. We would hang out with our friends, staying in large groups. At night, we would slowly part ways.

Over time though, we started to hang out alone, we would get food together, until finally we were spending every free moment together, spending every night in his room, watching our favorite TV shows and falling asleep every night in each other’s arms. He became the one person who was always there. For me, this was pretty important, because during my first year of school, I wasn’t on good terms with my family, and I was struggling to find a reason to stay in Plattsburgh.

Months went on, and his loyalty and support never seemed to end.

He would pick me up in the middle of the street when I was drunk and didn’t feel like walking home. He would get me Midol and chocolates when I had cramps. If I had a bad day at work, he would buy me a cute teddy bear to keep me company until I was done and could go home to his comforting embrace. There would be nights when my room was occupied by a party and I needed a quiet space to study, he would without hesitation offer his room and sit quietly while I sat next to him preparing.

He is obviously a major part of my life.

So when late April rolled around, I had quite a shock when he told me he wouldn’t be coming back next semester because he had joined the Army National Guard and would be attending Basic Training.

Now I’ll admit that I wasn’t completely supportive at first. For a while really, I was quite upset.

I started distancing myself from him. I would randomly stop talking to him. I would leave his room while he went off to the bathroom and not come back until late. I was short with him, and I cried so much that I convinced him I thought he was abandoning me.

I was worried about him, and selfishly, I didn’t want to be away from him for such a long period of time.

He had been the one thing keeping me happy when I was in such a vulnerable state. I thought that if he left, I might go back to feeling that way again.

After talking a lot, and realizing how much stress I was putting him under, we decided that the two of us would stay together as a couple. I would support him when everyone was telling him he had made a mistake because that is what he deserved. So after planning a two week long camping trip,we said our goodbyes.

We had a few bumps after that, with insecurities of our futures, and differences in careers, I knew it was his nerves talking. He was scared.

Since he has been gone we have contacted solely through letters that come once a week. I have received 46 letters.

They range from what life is going to be like when he gets back, to the slightly concerning things that happen at his training facility.

I truly cherish the letters that I get when they come in, and almost immediately reply, and I’ll admit, I usually write him around three letters a day.

The one thing I would like everyone to know about us being so far away from each other, is that even though I can’t FaceTime him, or text him every day, he and I are as strong as ever.

If you or someone you know is struggling to be away from a loved one, whether they are a boyfriend or a girlfriend or even a family member, always remember that where there is love, there is strength, if you are committed you two can face any obstacle.

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