Tuesday, April 16, 2024

2024 fashion predictions: What’s next?

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By Victoria Campbell

Fashion trends are coming in full force, including bows, flats, polos, suits, loose jeans, red bomber jackets and monochromatic looks. 

With the rest of 2024 to look forward to, there are several good trends, but also some questionable ones. Two being sequined and see through clothing pieces.

The tailored outfits trending this year are giving off the impression of being put together, leaving behind the crop tops and skinny jeans that have been popular since the 1960s.

According to British Vogue, one of the top trends is quiet luxury, meaning fashion pieces that give the impression of being expensive but at a more affordable price.

While not everyone is a skinny jeans type of person, high-rise loose trousers are coming into style, giving a sense of being composed and incorporating that quiet luxury aesthetic. 

High-rise loose trousers are often seen in magazines and social media styled with sneakers and tight shirts to dress it down, displaying a model off duty look.

British Vogue also reports that pastel—colored puffy and sheer dresses are other top contenders for the upcoming seasons. Do you see yourself wearing them, or will you leave that trend behind? 

Fall 2023 witnessed bows coming back in full swing, and becoming an excellent addition to an outfit, which is predicted to continue this year. 

Several influencers on Tiktok are seen wearing bows in their hair, on dresses, shirts, bags and accessories, establishing itself as staple pieces in one’s closet. 

One of the top 2023 fall trends of the year was flats with matching bomber jackets styled with loose jeans and a tight-fitted shirt, giving off the idea of being composed but comfortable. With flats and polos potentially coming back in full circle, we can expect to see them paired together. 

As seen in recent fashion shows, designers like Gucci, Miu Miu, Etro and Chanel brought polo shirts back. Styling polos with skirts, funky pants, shorts and blazers can give one that quiet money look. 

Miu Miu is slowly becoming one of the most influential fashion brands and continues to influence others with these pieces incorporated into their looks.

Speaking of Miu Miu, its runway show highly incorporates quiet luxury with stripes, blazers and a neo—preppy style, which is predicted to become a trend this year. 

Cross—body bags were popular in 2023, but now in 2024, we may start to see extra large bags. Some popular ones being Tory Burch or Rebecca Minkoff. 

Bling—bling style clothing and accessories are also going to be more common this year, according to the website Glamour, keeping the spirit of New Year’s Eve alive all year round.

With all these fashion trends coming in full force, the top trends I see being popular are blazers, flats and large bags. 

I do not see sequined accessories and tops being popular because they are hard to style and can look overdressed in specific settings.


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