Sunday, October 24, 2021

Cardinal Watch: Theagene takes her time, stays involved

Three words Jacob Avery, Plattsburgh State’s assistant director of Center for Student Involvement used to describe junior Claudia Theagene were “caring, dedicated and self-motivated.”

When Theagene first came to PSU, she was unsure about her major. However, among all the options, she knew that she always had a passion for social studies.

“I don’t know if I should do history or maybe teaching because I love kids,” Theagene said. “But then I was like, ‘there’s always political science,’ and I was actually considering becoming a lawyer.”

Born and raised in Brooklyn, she said her family was always into politics. Therefore, growing up, Theagene was always interested in the subject. There was a moment when she doubted herself if she could become a lawyer in the future.

After taking some political science classes, Theagene made up her mind and realized this was the path she wanted to follow.

“I didn’t go to orientation, so I came to Plattsburgh blindsided,” she said.

However, Theagene ended up loving it at PSU. She spent her freshman year getting to know more about the people here, the campus and what it has to offer.

“Claudia is incredible,” Avery said. “She’s very calm and collected. She always takes her time to make decisions, which is great.”

Theagene never jumps right to any decision, regardless of how hard or stressful it could be. She took her whole freshman year to figure out what she wanted to do with her major or her involvement on campus.

“My freshman year was completely different,” she said. “I didn’t know anything and how it works. I didn’t really want to get involved because I want to see how it works first.”

Freshman Theagene used her observation to later make a decision on many of her involvements and contributions for PSU. Now as a junior, she is a community advocate and works at the Information Desk. She was speaker for senate in the 57th legislation of the Student Association, in which Avery is the adviser, and was a part of the Finance Board in the SA.

Theagene said the reason she wanted to join the SA was because she wanted to learn more about and see the resources PSU could provide for the students.

Theagene said getting involved in the SA not only gave her more experience with law and political science to develop the skills that she didn’t know she could do, but it also taught her to be more disciplined with time management. All of those skills could be helpful for the future as Theagene wants to be a lawyer.

“I enjoy working with her,” Avery said. “She’s very pleasant and positive all the time.”

Theagene is also a student in John McMahon’s political science classes. He said she is always eager and interested in the topics. She is always willing to share her experience and opinions in class.

During Theagene’s time in PSU, she said she has learned about herself, managing her workload and how to work well in a team. Beside her academics and involvement on campus, Theagene loves to spend time practicing self-care. In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends, sleep, do face masks and get her nails done.

“Time flies by,” Theagene said. “Enjoy everything, but also take your time when it comes to making decisions.”

Theagene likes to take her sweet time before rushing into anything, but that is what contributes to her success.

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