Friday, February 26, 2021

Taurus loves to create facade

By Abigail Azadian

Taureans are not to be taken lightly. They love to come off as a cute, cozy sweetheart who loves to bake and keep to themselves. But do not be fooled — they are selfish, immature and stubborn. Consider this your warning to stay away from Taureans.

They are the biggest players of the zodiac. Being an Earth sign, they are supposed to be reliable. However, they are only reliable on their terms and their uncompromising nature makes them impossible to work with. They will not budge for better or for worse.

A Taurus may feel at home with water signs, but the feeling wears off when it becomes clear that they are too selfish to ever really fit with Cancers, Pisces, or Scorpios.

Water signs being moldable means they are willing to change when it comes to relationships, Taureans are not (and it shows.) A Taurus seems like the right choice for a Cancer, but they are ultimately too self-indulgent for Cancers. Cancers love to take care of their loved ones and Taureans are only great at being on the receiving end of it. A Pisces can be more than forgiving when it comes to a Taurus’ faults. Pisces fall for the mystique a Taurus puts on, but the veil comes off eventually.

Pisces are the most mutable, adaptable person in relationships, and a Taurus is too stubborn and too fixed to ever change.

Scorpios and Taurus are sister signs, and essentially the same sign, but Scorpios can transform for the better when they take the time to self-reflect. A Taurus takes time for themselves… and not in the self-growth, transformation way. They make time for napping, face masks and useless hobbies that will never amount to anything because they quickly drop it for something new.

Being an Earth sign, their stubbornness is already higher than other elements, but Taurus takes it to another level.

Being a fixed, Earth sign makes a Taurus the most hard headed, difficult person to work with. Two Taureans will die on each respective hill before ever apologizing or changing their mind. Capricorns and Virgos can cut right through a Taurus with their blunt manner. It will catch a Taurus off-guard and honestly scare them a little bit. Taureans will never admit it, but they are too soft to handle any criticism from another Earth sign.

Taureans will appreciate Air signs’ taste and appreciation for all the finer things in life. However, a Taurus only likes them because they’re pretty. Being ruled by Venus, Libras and Taureans think can both be the life of the party. However, a Taurus sees a compromise as a loss and will only resolve issues if everybody comes to agree with them. They love to act flexible, when in fact they are the bull of the zodiac. A Taurus isn’t able to appreciate Geminis or Aquarians for their sporadic nature because their idea of fun doesn’t take other people’s opinions

A Taurus will realize they can never keep up with Fire signs, so they simply quit. Taureans, again, love to think they are bold and untouchable but once people actually criticize them, they are scared sh-tless. A Taurus thinks they are better than Aries because they don’t seem to get as angry. But this is far from the truth, a Taurus’ anger is slow but once they reach the boiling point, everyone around will feel it. With Leos, it is the ultimate competition of who has the best outfit and Leos will win. Sagittarians with their truthful, blunt nature will simply tear a Taurus to the ground (as they should).

Never forget that Taurus is still only the second sign in the zodiac which makes them selfish, immature and gluttonous. Plus, they lack self-awareness to properly work on themselves. It’s hard for them to be critiqued because they always believe they do everything right. Y’all are worse than Virgos



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