Thursday, October 6, 2022

Student creates successful YouTube channel

With more than 6,500 views and 6,604 subscribers, Jordan Stewart, the man behind the music-promoting YouTube channel DubIntel, never dreamed that his channel — made for the appreciation for the music genre — would reach this level of popularity.

Hailing from Beekmantown, the local Plattsburgh State senior started the channel in 2011 out of impulse and boredom.

“Basically what I did was I took underground music, put it in a video program called Sony Vegas, put a logo over it and started promoting videos,” Stewart said. “I just did it for casual purposes.”

When the channel was in its beta stages, Stewart would upload a video at least once a week but didn’t have a regular schedule he would follow. The channel would receive a few thousand views and didn’t gain popularity until the following year.

It was then DubIntel started gaining momentum.

“When 2012 came around, I started to get 50,000 to 60,000 views a video,” Stewart said. “That’s when I decided to take my channel more seriously.”

With the increasing success the channel has received in the past two years, Stewart now uploads a video per day with the goal of bridging the gap between the many genres of electronic music.

Priding itself as the future of music, DubIntel helps underground artists spread their music to people all over the globe. PSUC student Evan Mooney, decided to take up music professionally.

He was discovered by Stewart when Mooney and his partner Kris Roberts posted one of their tracks on their Facebook profile.

“He told us about his company he was trying to start on YouTube, and how he wanted to feature our track on his channel,” Mooney said. “Kris and I talked it over, and we agreed to let him.”

Like with other tracks, Stewart made a graphic for them and posted the track onto his page. Since then, Mooney and Roberts support Stewart and his channel any way they can.

“I support Jordan because he’s the one that supported us from the start,” Mooney said. “He reached out to Kris and I, and helps promote our music and helps us be heard. Not to mention that he also hooks us up with DubIntel merchandise.”

Orin Conn, a local DJ and PSUC graduate, sees the potential in both Stewart and his channel.

“I can tell he has the passion for it, and I think he has it in him to become really big,” Conn said.

Conn and Mooney aren’t the only ones who recognize Stewart’s potential. Stewart is an official partner with YouTube and Fullscreen, a global media company. He now makes money for the videos he produces.

“It was in late 2013 that I applied to be a partner for YouTube so I can start making money from it,” Stewart said. “I started out making 50 cents to a $1 a day, now I’m up to $2 dollars a day gained off the views I get.”

In order to feature the songs that go onto DubIntel, Stewart contacts the artists to receive their permission. Stewart contacts each artist through email, and he said that can be confusing due to the many channels that post the songs without the artist’s permission.

DubIntel is fairly new, but Stewart plans on taking the channel as far as he can. He hopes his channel will go on strong as the years pass, and that it brings success to him and the friends he has made through the channel.

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