Friday, March 31, 2023

Student Art Spotlight: Taylor Edgar (Sept. 25, 2020)

My name is Taylor Edgar. I am a sophomore psychology major. I am also a communication sciences and disorders minor, as well as an art therapy minor. I’m very passionate about the field of art therapy and how well it complements the field of clinical mental health counseling I want to go into.

Photo provided by Taylor Edgar

“Nostalgia” I utilized a mirror in this portrait to symbolize nostalgia, as it shows the reflection of the path-like train track behind me.

Photo provided by Taylor Edgar

“Human Nature” this photo was produced with the technique of stacking film negatives.

Photo provided by Taylor Edgar

“Paint with Light” this photo was produced by slowing the shutter speed to capture the movement of light behind the camera lens.

Photo provided by Taylor Edgar

“Stepping Stones” I really admired the pattern of these stones and their placement in such a tranquil setting.

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