4 Replies to “SA hears plea to change dormitory name

  1. How about calling it Whiteface Mountain hall, although it would probably just be called Whiteface. I am just wondering how this happened in the first place. I graduated in 1973 and this dorm did not exist. Certainly whoever named it should have realized there would be an issue. Marcy Hall would have a good ring to it. Or name it after a person, like the others.

  2. Dumbest thing I heard. Changing the because it has the word “White” in it. But all the places called Blacksburgh is ok? Stupid. mr Khoshkehpazi is a nut.

  3. “I feel confident the change will reflect our beliefs on campus,” Khoshkehpazi said. I won’t say I don’t mean offense when I saw this is ridiculous. I’d love to see a transcript of this meeting to see exactly how this was presented and questioned or discussed because from this article it looks like Daniel would like to change the name of any building on campus just to change it. I see the article says he would like to rename a building “after someone important to social justice movements in the area.” Does he even have a name proposed? Is wanting to change the name of a building named after a mountain to a different mountain because it’s currently named “Whiteface”? Is Daniel aware that the name of the mountain is thought to be because the Algonquin name for the mountain was Wa-ho-par-te-nie from Waapenot, “it goes upward,” or Woapen, “it is white.” A Mohawk Indian name for the mountain was Thei-a-no-gu-en meaning “white head,” with reference to the bare white rock near its peak or is this just a motion/proposal in an attempt to make headlines, make a name for himself, and or add another line on his resume? I have no issues with changing the name of a building or naming a new building after an individual important to past, current, and ongoing future social change/justice, but I’m curious why the students feels Whiteface Hall should be the one to change as opposed to one of the many buildings on campus named after geographical features and regions of the North Country?

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