Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Ness and Salo record career-highs

The Plattsburgh State men’s basketball team started last weekend with a win against SUNY Fredonia 71-65, but ended it with a loss against Buffalo State 89-82.

With the loss, The Cardinals have an overall of 8-13 so far for the regular season and a SUNYAC of 5-9.

Freshman center Cameron Ness recorded a career high in his early PSU career with 16 points scored, 12 rebounds and four shots blocked in the game against the Blue Devils Feb. 7. At Memorial Hall.

SUNY Fredonia ended the first half with a lead against the Cards 35-32. However, PSU outscored the Blue Devils by the end of the second half 39-30.

Freshman forward Erik Salo outdid himself with a career high against the Buffalo State Bengals last Saturday Feb. 8 at Memorial Hall. Salo scored 25 points on 15-of-18 shooting from the line and 5-of-8 shooting from the floor.

The Cards won the tip-off at the beginning of the first half and took an early two-point lead against Buffalo via a layup in the paint from Ness despite an initial missed three-pointer by senior guard Nick Deangelis. The Bengals quickly stole the lead with a three pointer made by junior guard Sheldon Adams with an assist from freshman guard Argjend Imeri.

The lead between PSU and Buffalo State changed five times within a minute and 24 seconds of the first half. Salo scored a layup with an assist from Cameron putting the Cards ahead by one point. Soon after, Buffalo State junior guard Jordan Christopher scored a jumper from within the paint, giving the Bengals a one-pont lead against  PSU. The Cards took the lead once again with a layup by Salo with an assist from Deangelis.

The first half ended with Buffalo having a lead against The Cards 49-44.

PSU didn’t manage to get the lead back during the second half, leaving Buffalo State victorious.

Head coach Mike Blaine said it’s exciting to see young freshmen on the team perform despite the loss to Buffalo State.

“Both Cameron Ness and Erik Salo put a tremendous amount of effort in over the course of the year,” Blaine said. “Obviously we’re asking a lot of them to play so early in their college career as freshmen, so it’s nice to see them get rewarded for their efforts over some outstanding performances.”

Blaine has full confidence that his team will make it to playoffs.

“Our fate is still in our own hands, which is what you always want coming out a stretch,” Blaine said. “We are continuing to learn, grow and get better even despite some setbacks along the way.

We know we have some difficult games ahead at the end of the regular season, but I think we’re confident. If we play our best basketball, we’re going to give ourselves a great opportunity to get into the playoffs.”

The Cards play at SUNY Oswego tonight at 7:30 p.m.

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