Friday, March 31, 2023

Issue 10 Sex and the SUNY

Sex and the SUNY collects stories about funny, gross, and just plain memorable juicy experiences on campus. If you want your story to be featured, submit it anonymously at

I have some thoughts regarding the sex soundtrack that was published last issue.

– Idk how serious and unironic the whole thing was but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

– L$D by A$AP Rocky is a fantastic choice

– This person has incredible range. They go from Chief Keef to BlackPink. That’s actually impressive

– All I Do Is Win??????

– Two best britney songs (toxic and Oops I did it again)

– Ribs by Lorde is incredible but also depressing as hell idk who has sex to it

– Summer Bummer by Lana del Rey is great too

– Why not dixie damelio? What did dixie do to you


– Frank ocean during sex?? Are you crying when you fuck someone

– Mixed Personalities by YNW Melly is the most hilariously random choice


What’s the weirdest places y’all have done it on campus? I’ve heard of ppl doing it in classrooms in Hawkins, in the Hudson stairs at night, in the lake and river after dark, in the gym, and in the Blue room outside tim hortons. And someone got a handjob in the bleachers at the basketball game in memorial

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