Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Grant promotes environmentalism

By Kiara Mapp

The Green Grant, funded by the Green Fee, is awarded every semester to students who submit a proposal on a specific idea that can increase the level of sustainability on campus. Students receive assistance with brainstorming ideas, enhancing pitches and polishing their proposals. 

The Green Grant surfaced years ago but this was the first time the Campus Committee for Environmental Responsibility hosted a Green Grant Shark Tank event.

This was held Nov. 2, in the Cardinal Lounge located in the Angell College Center.

At the opening of the event there was an “icebreaker for the participants to introduce themselves that transitioned into a presented slideshow with more information regarding the Green Grant,” host Aissatou Lo said. 

As the participants learned more about each other and the Green Grant itself, they were broken into groups based on their interests. Interests included “consumer goods, food waste, clean air” and other environmental factors that can either be reduced, discarded or aid in healthier living conditions. 

Participants came up with carpooling for students, contributing plastic bottles for money towards their Cardinal Cash and a need for faculty to clean air vents more often.

Not only did this event assist with giving participants an understanding of the Green Grant but refreshments and food were provided alongside getting students to talk about being environmentally friendly. 

Faculty weighed in on the experience as some attended to hear out students’ standpoints and students were able to equally understand the staff’s thought process. 

There will be a meeting to discuss every participant’s projects — the weaknesses, the strengths, and the next steps that will bring participants’ thoughts to reality Nov. 9 at 1:30 p.m. 

After review, all participants and winners will be contacted. Upon notification to everyone, the winner of up to $8,000 for their campus preservation project will be announced. 

As the hosts who made the Green Grant Shark Tank event possible, Lo, Kennedy Tavares and Curt Gervich desire for this event to be held annually in the future, from here on out they welcome all majors and encourage students to attend this event in the future.

Electronic car gas, the campus garden and bike fixing stations have surfaced around the Plattsburgh community, and as Lo said, “stay aware and do not be afraid to look into more things that we are usually blinded to.”

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