Thursday, December 3, 2020

Club Spotlight: Pre-med/Pre-Health prepares students for careers

The Pre-Med/Pre-Health Association connects students looking to go into any area of the medical field and prepares them for the future. Previously called the Pre-Med Association, the club recently changed its name to be more inclusive.

“When we were just pre-med, people were scared away because they were not fitting in that one category,” James Faraci, pre-medical science and biochemistry major and club president, said. “So we’re really trying to give opportunity to everyone.”

Their meeting agenda changes week to week. They have information sessions on topics such as how to build a resume, prepare for tests like the Medical College Admissions Test and the Graduate Record Examinations and do mock interviews. Since Faraci has taken over as president this semester, he tries to make presentations at the meetings more interactive. At one of their upcoming meetings, they will be watching an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” pausing it occasionally to discuss what is medically accurate and what is not. They had a special Black-History-Month-themed meeting, where they did a Kahoot about African American figures in medicine. They also plan to have a themed meeting for International Women’s day. The club typically has 15 to 20 people in attendance every meeting.

Abigail Kacensky, a sophomore biomedical science major and the public relations coordinator for the club, said her favorite part of being in the club is meeting people who are interested in pursuing a similar career path as her, connecting with them and getting to hear about their experiences.

Kacensky recently made a new Instagram page and logo for the club. They already had a Facebook page, but she figured Instagram was more “with the times.”

Members are involved off-campus as well, doing community service and shadowing professionals at the two nearby hospitals.

They also hope to collaborate with other clubs more. They have a joint event planned with Love Your Melon and a de-stress event with Active Minds during midterms week.

The club meets every Tuesday in the Amnesty room in the Angell College Center from 7 to 8 p.m.

“The main goal is to get pre-med students more involved, not just on campus but in the community, and act as a support group during the graduate school admissions process,” sophomore biomedical science major and Vice President Olivia Hansen said. “We all have the same goals, so it’s great to find a group of students that are like minded like me.”

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