Saturday, January 16, 2021

Cardinals set to play senior night match

The Plattsburgh State women’s tennis team has been working hard to prepare for their next match against Oswego State in Plattsburgh on Sept. 30. This match will also be the seniors’ last home match.

Since their last match against Mount Saint Mary College, a win for the Cards, they’ve been putting in the work and improving at their practices, all to prepare for future matches.
Sophomore Madison Brennan is excited for the match and ready to see the hard work pay off.

“I see a lot of improvement from when we started in the season to now.” Brennan said. “There’s a lot more team camaraderie going on, so I see that as a very positive effect on everyone. We’re playing harder, playing smarter and listening to each other.”

This match is the last home match for the team, making it the senior match. Senior Shari Forman is looking forward to the match, saying it will be an emotional night for the other seniors on the team.

“I feel very very confident.” Forman said. “They’re definitely a team that is beatable and we’ve beaten them before. I’m looking forward to it and it’s the last match for seniors, so it’s gonna be an emotional day too.”

PSUC uses every match as preparation for the next. At practices they work on fixing their weaknesses and keep building up their strength. It is evident that the women are very supportive of each other and help each other improve.

The ladies take note on things they could improve and get set on fixing it.

“I think every match prepares you for the next match.” Brennan said. “You learn something about yourself every time. Something positive and something negative that you just work on during practice.”

Forman also touches on the fact that the Cards put in 100 percent during every match and practice, mentioning the Oswego match will be no exception.

“I hope to see 100 percent,” Forman said. “Whether it be we’re down in games or what. We’re gonna try our hardest and we’re gonna basically have a mind set to win.”

PSUC is excited for to okay the match tomorrow. They are currently 3-4 for the season and hoping to see a couple more wins before the SUNYAC tournament starts in October.


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