Wednesday, July 24, 2024


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Editorial: PSUC fights sexual assault

Sexual assault is a real problem. As reported in this week’s issue by news editor Maggie McVey, a study by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control found that one in five women experience sexual assault in her...

Editorial: Faith practiced freely at PSUC

Sometimes it can be tough to differentiate qualification from discrimination. As reported by Cardinal Points staff writer Jessica Miles in this week’s publication, 23 California state schools have derecognized their chapters of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, which also has a...

Editorial: Entry-level jobs disappearing

Reality becomes more present as four years of college pass by. Students pass through the doors, prepared for learning, fun and what comes next. Most emerge victorious with varying degrees in tow. Whether students accept it or not, college’s...

Editorial: Taking risks doesn’t hurt

It’s easy to have an idea, but how easily can that idea become a reality? Casey Neistat, a once impoverished wannabe filmmaker turned YouTube sensation and Independent Spirit Award winner, said it best in March 2014: “Ideas are cheap. Ideas...
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