Wednesday, November 29, 2023


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This Week in Photos: Mardi Gras Banquet

A guest table decorated with green and yellow masks and beads, symbols of Mardi Gras. Also on the table were cards with information about the holiday and the banquet tradition. Attendees dance at the banquet. Student dance groups High Voltage and...

This Week in Photos: Navratri

Mansi Mandanka, Alexander and Andrea Enyedi and Dhir Jain pose in front of the shrine. Club International celebrated Navratri, an annual Hindu festival marking the triumph of good over evil, Oct. 6. Anyone, regardless of ethnicity, was encouraged to join...

This Week in Photos: 7th Annual Pride Celebration

A child plays with a gay pride flag planted into the ground. Camille Nerney offers hugs to those who need them. Behavioral Health Services North set up an interactive booth in Trinity Park. A group of alternatively-dressed attendees hang out. Three teens holding...

This Week in Photos: Late Night for the Planet

Panelists Steve Peters and Jennifer Perry answer questions from hosts Devan Bushey and McKenna Kaleta. SUNY Plattsburgh students Zachary Niles and Logan Van Buren perform together as a band called The Gallery. A captivated audience listens to panelists speak about composting and...

This Week in Photos: S’mores Night

When the night fell, students roasted marshmallows on the chilly Friday night of Sept. 16. Students making conversation around the bonfire. The social was hosted by the Gardening Club. A student relaxing on the grass as she waits for sunset.

This Week in Photos: Involvement

Students crowd Angell College Center after summer break, mingling or talking at the fair. Students bustle from table to table at the fair in Amitie Plaza. Students representing their clubs at the Involvement Fair. Read more about the fair on A2. Students...

This Week in Photos: CP through the years

Cardinal Points staff celebrating after being named an All-American Newspaper in 2001. Shawn Murphy, Melissa Hart, Monica Paticci and Stephen Sowley at the end-of-the-year reception party in Monopole in 2000. Two editors taking a power nap in the Cardinal Points office...

This Week in Photos: Shine On!

All 80 third to fifth grade girls, mentors and committee members smiling Sunday morning on the last day of the conference. A girl and mentor Jordan Hakeem-Ali get ready for the character strengths. Conquer the Crux workshop in Camp Pok-O-MacCready’s...

This Week in Photos: Kids On Campus

SUNY Plattsburgh hosted an all-day event April 22 for all faculty, staff and student caregivers. The event featured a story time and picnic. All photos are from story time in Feinberg for 3 and 4 year olds.

This Week in Photos: Pageant

Vania Nyarko represented as Ms. Ghana. Isaac Eshun, Mariam Kebe and Marco Turco judged the pageant. Henrietta Clarke represented as Ms. Liberia. Clarke, Amber-Frances Diaby and Nyarko pose for judges.
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