Thursday, May 13, 2021

Cardinal Watch: Abhey Sharma pursues his dream

Plattsburgh State senior business administration, management information systems and global supply-chain management major Abhey Sharma loves business, computers and helping others.


Ten years ago in Patiala, India, Sharma’s dad gifted him with his first computer. Sharma began troubleshooting with it.


Years later, his fascination placed him here in the U.S., where he has honed his skills, made friends and helped many people.


“I used to break things and fix it so I could get better at it,” Sharma said.  


He didn’t choose to pursue software engineering or computer science. He needed something that had both and incorporated business as well. Software  engineering is the design, development and maintenance of software. Computer science is the study of the principles and uses of computers.


The Management information systems major, one of the paths Sharma chose, is the  study of people, technology and organization. Sharma decided to dabble around in other majors, bringing him to global supply-chain management and business administration.


Sharma  is also pursuing the idea of becoming a data analyst. He said organizing data can help predict how an individuals perspective works.


“Everything works relating to data. It’s  getting stored somewhere or the other,” Sharma said.


Eventually,  Sharma wants to have a company of his own. He wants to work in corporate to gain experience.


“The ultimate goal is to go back to India, but I want to apply all the things  I learned in America. I want to utilize it when I go back,” Sharma said.


Outside of achieving his dreams, Sharma stays active and involved on campus. This past summer, he was an orientational leader. He works at the Career Development Center as a peer career assistant helping with resumes and cover letters. He helps handle the back end, approving students requests.


He has represented the school and given tours as admissions ambassador. Sharma  is Chief of Staff of Center for Cyber Security and Technology. Last semester, he interned there and built a time clock system for them. The professors love for his work got him promoted .


Ameet Kumar is a senior and Resident Assistant at Banks Hall and a close friend of Sharma.


“You don’t get those kind of positions if teachers don’t view you highly,” Kumar said.


Sharma  is an RA at Mason Hall and recognized and appreciated for his attitude and balanced lifestyle. Kumar said Sharma has helped many people out of kindness.


“He will ask why and what later but he will be there,” Kumar said.


Outside of being paid, Kumar said Shamar has helped students with their resumes when they’ve missed appointments and needed help.


“It’s the comfort of knowing you have someone to count on. If I call him right now to go to Burlington, I bet he will drop everything and drive me,” Kumar said.


In fact, he did this with his Resident Director Luciene Ribeiro. In the summer, during training week for the RAs, everyone was exhausted, and Sharma was busy, but he drove her to get everything she needed.


Ribeiro said the most memorable thing about him is his personality. His kindness is what she noticed first about him, and it has stuck with her.


Sharma’s advice for busy students is to focus on time management and analyzing what they did during the day. He says it helps to fix the problem areas. He said it’s stressful, but his motivation  is the feeling he gets from helping people and his loved ones pushing him to be better.


“He was under pressure, but it’s not something I could notice,”  Ribeiro said. “That’s what Abhey does,”


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