Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Letter to the editor

One of the wonderful aspects of attending college is learning how to make healthy and safe choices, which can range from getting enough sleep, study patterns, eating and exercise habits as well as alcohol consumption. Being able to make well balanced decisions means knowing the pros and cons of the decision making process.

Recently in Cardinal Points there have been a variety of articles about drinking, going out and having fun as a college student. As I was reading these articles, I thought it would be helpful to provide some facts about how to make the healthiest and best choices for people when they choose to drink.

One thing that is important to know is that many of the negative consequences we see relating to alcohol are preventable.

As the AOD (Alcohol and Other Drug Coordinator) for SUNY Plattsburgh, many people have asked me why people actually drink. There is a wide range of why people drink and what drinking does for people; such as: for fun, they enjoy it, to fit in, to celebrate, they grew up around alcohol use, to reduce stress, to reduce anxiety, to detach from stress and problems in addition to many other reasons.

But one of the most important aspects that people need to consider is making sure that you are safe when you decide to drink.
If you are going to go out with friends or decide to have a drink at home, please make sure that you have food in your stomach, drink plenty of water, know what you are drinking (mixed drinks), know how much you are drinking.

Also when you go out with friends, take a quick minute to come up with a plan so that if you are going to drink, you have a buddy or someone who will watch out for your safety. Make sure you have a plan on how to go out and get home safely, whether that be setting up rides or getting a taxi, or walking with a friend.

Remember when you are going out, take a minute to think and plan in order for you and your friends can have fun but also stay safe and healthy.

If you are ever concerned or worried about alcohol or other drug related problems, in your life or if you are worried about a friend or loved, one, please visit me in my new office in the Center for Student Involvement. Remember, we are here for you!
Have fun and stay safe!

Patrick Monette
Alcohol and Other Drugs Coordinator

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